Holistic sound is a magnificient tool that has the power of penetrating your subconscious mind and transforming the consequences of traumas, shocks, and suppressed emotions. Holistic Sound harmonizes the body and activates the body’s natural ability to self heal and detox.

Sound healing will allow you to find your own awareness and ability to release unwanted negative energy and any other toxins that does not create positive influencers in increasing your consciousness and improving self-development. This will ultimately lead you to a state of balance, peace, inner strength, and connection with your inner wisdom.

The sound healing process begins when we set the date and time. On-line sessions are performed on various holistic instruments, such as crystal singing, gongs, voice, bells, rattles … Session is transmitted through quality microphones. It is highly recommended for you to use quality speakers or earphones. Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down, this allows you to deeply connect with your intention. Close your eyes, relax, and observe your body. After the session it is good to take some time for yourself (going for a walk or taking a bath). As the detox of the body is activated it is necessary to drink more water for 2-3 days after the session.

What is the difference between individual and group sound session?

Group sessions are a very pleasant sound journey and individual as well, but if a person chooses to dive even deeper with a personalized intention, some unpleasant sounds might be used as a trigger to push you out of the comfort zone to efficiently process trauma or shock.

Sound creates a field of endless posibilities.



Eric Shean

I had a crystal sound session with Gaja yesterday and it was the most relaxing thing I ever felt.

I was a bit moody afterwards and soon realized it was an emotional reaction to the session. If you havnt had one i would strongly recommend. I have a feeling it’s gonna be life changing

Sandra  Chaney

Fam I had a crystal sound session with @⁨Gaja⁩! OMG it was amazing. My body is going through a detox, healing, clearing and  releasing. I’m drinking lots of water. Ooooweeee the clarity that’s coming!!! I’m so excited and grateful. Thank you @⁨Gaja⁩!

Dr. Tiffany

Hello everyone! I just finished a session with @⁨Gaja⁩… OMG 🥰🥰

 It was unlike anything that I’ve ever experienced in life. I feel so relieved and renewed. It was a detox through music. I’m literally over here drinking water like crazy.

MY VIBRATIONS ARE HIGH! I can think more clearly. I feel more focused and driven to accomplish things. I was able to clearly meditate and see my vision more than I’ve ever been able to so before.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I feel renewed. @⁨Gaja⁩, you’re so amazing! You’re heaven sent!