She is a friend of the Earth with a sophisticated sense of sound dimensions. She spreads a vibration of gratitude and love all over the planet by raising awareness about harmonized, natural living. Her path is to transmit messages of the Universe and nature through the sound of crystal instruments, gongs, voice, singing bowls, and other primal musical instruments.

Gaja’s colorful references since 2008 includes thousands of sound baths, concerts, events and workshops for a variety of audiences while also collaborating with musicians, Tibetan monks, and other shamans and masters. While researching and experiencing holistic sound in Slovenia and abroad (Croatia, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, Bali) for many years, she discovered a completely new and pure dimensions of sound with high vibrations of Crystal sound bowls Sound Galaxies. She is certified as the first Slovenian AURASOUND sound therapist and is dedicated mostly to individual treatments, where she transmits sound according to the principle of four elements by using primal instruments and her own voice.

She is a well requested guest of many radio and TV shows in Slovenia. Gaja recorded an album with the famous Slovenian singer Neisha. Later in February of 2019 she released her solo meditative album, Crystal Dreams.

Gaja describes herself: “Holistic ‘healing’ sound is my passion, my love, work and place where anything is possible, where I know all the answers and authentically express my true self with a purpose to serve Earth and its inhabitants.”